Buena Vista, CO,
September 29, 2022 — Human trafficking happens everywhere, from the suburbs and
rural communities to the big cities and border towns, and its effects are
devasting. According to anti-human trafficking advocate John DiGirolamo, the
average age of entry is 12-14 for girls and 11-13 for boys. And the life
expectancy of a human trafficking victim is just seven years.

But there are
survivors, and DiGirolamo shares extraordinary, personal accounts based on
actual events in his eye-opening new book, It’s Not About the Sex: True Stories
of Human Trafficking from a Law Enforcement Officer, a Survivor, a Brothel
Madam, and an Advocate.

“If you have wondered
how people are exploited into the sex trade and how they recover, then you will
find this book detailing several enthralling stories to be a fascinating read,”
DiGirolamo said.

viewpoints in the book include:

– Ronald, who is with
a law enforcement task force. Compelling case files are brought to life through
an insider’s view into the sex trafficking underworld and how criminals are
brought to justice.

– Angela, who was 5
years old when she was sold by her family. Her captivating story of familial
trafficking focuses on this survivor’s tale of perseverance and healing in the
face of adversity.

– Jessica, who was
raped and later becomes an escort, porn star and brothel madam. She reveals how
and why she got into the business. Join her journey of redemption and recovery
to exit the life.

– Jenelle, who is a
passionate advocate for minors who have been sexually exploited. Several
eye-opening stories are profiled, showing how this crime happened and their
transformation from victim to survivor.

included are valuable tips to help readers recognize and stop human

“It is well within
our capacity to inform others about human trafficking, call authorities when we
observe something that looks suspicious, or volunteer in our communities,”
DiGirolamo wrote in the book’s introduction.

the Author

John DiGirolamo is a
critically acclaimed author, speaker and anti-human trafficking advocate. John
wrote the book It’s Not About the Sex because he believes that human
trafficking is one of the most underreported issues of our day, that cuts
across all economic, social, racial and political boundaries. He focused on
stories from rural and suburban America, seeking to shine a light on and create
awareness of the evils of human trafficking. John is also the author of It’s
Not About the Badge: Real Cops, Real Stories, Join Their Journey.

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